WinJS provides the controls you need to make your app professional, functional and easy-to-use - all in one place.

WinJS Playground

Try out WinJS controls right here on our website. Use it to see exactly how versatile and powerful WinJS can be.


WinJS is an open-source JavaScript library that can assist you in building web apps with a consistent look and performance. Even better, WinJS supports Windows apps, websites and technologies like Apache Cordova on the latest versions of all major browsers.

Advanced Controls

WinJS makes it possible to add Windows UI controls in HTML, such as ListView, FlipView, and SplitView, features like virtualizing collections, and high-quality infrastructure like page controls, promises, data-binding, and a template engine.


WinJS supports motion, touch, keyboard and screen reader input. With multiple sources for input, you can go wild with user interaction. It delivers fluid animations and smooth UI rendering. A polished delivery of content makes for a sophisticated interface.

Flip through Demos

Look at what is possible using WinJS controls. Build modern Windows applications with ease.