Welcome to the WinJS tutorial page.

We will be walking through building a basic WinJS application with some fundamental WinJS controls and learning the major concepts of WinJS on the way. We will be building an app called TrailRater that will show hikes around the Greater Washington Area and eventually, we will build content pages for each hike, rank them by rating and sort them - all using WinJS controls.

Alternatively, you may be looking for a tutorial on incorporating WinJS into other frameworks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WinJS?

WinJS is an open-source JavaScript library that can assist you in building HTML, CSS, and JavaScript applications for your websites and for the Windows Store with a consistent look and performance across the board.

What can WinJS do?

WinJS makes it possible to add Windows UI controls in HTML, such as SplitView, ListView, FlipView, ToolBar, Flyout and Content Dialog, features like virtualizing collections, and high-quality infrastructure like page controls, promises, data-binding, and a template engine.

Where can I use WinJS?

Use WinJS not only for your Universal Windows apps with HTML/JS, but also for your websites, and when using HTML-based app technologies like Apache Cordova. WinJS will work in any browser and can be used as a standalone solution or with other frameworks and libraries.