WinJS Binding: Binding Lists

Now that we've seen how WinJS binds information to attributes and elements, we'll look at how data can be more efficiently passed, through Binding Lists.

A Binding List is an observable array, which is just like a normal array except any addition, deletion or change to the array triggers an event that updates the Binding List. You can create a list by making an empty list and using push() to populate the list. The more common way is to create a list based off of an array like:

var dataArray = [
    {name: "Marley", species: "dog"},
    {name: "Lola", species: "cat"},
    {name: "Leo", species: "dog"},
    {name: "Izzy", species: "cat"},
    {name: "Ziggy", species: "cat"},
    {name: "Ruby", species: "dog"},

var dataList = new WinJS.Binding.List(dataArray);

Here, the array of objects “dataArray” was turned into a WinJS.Binding.List by using the constructor to make a new Binding List dataList

WinJS has a WinJS.Binding.List object type, used to turn arrays into Binding Lists. This WinJS.Binding.List object is the centerpiece of data-binding collections of information and can contain any type of value, including complex structures like objects and arrays. However, changes to an object array may not be observable.


A Repeater generates HTML from a set of data, which is represented through a Binding List, and repeats it until all of the data is displayed.

To load the data from the data-win-bind, you can load them into their respective attributes. We have listed a few basic ones that we will use below:

Data-binding attributes
  • textContent: Text content to be loaded in an element
  • src: Specifies the URL destination of an element
  • value: Specifies the value to be sent to a server

Now you can see these attributes being set below. Here is the HTML for the Repeater pulling from myList, an object hanging off the window object:

<select data-win-control: WinJS.UI.Repeater" data-win-options="
     <option data-win-bind="value:id; textContent: description"> </option> </select>

Do note though that the Repeater control can only repeat a single HTML root element. However, you can create a div to wrap as many elements as you want to be repeated.

Try It Out

Check It Out

In the JS:

  • Create a new Binding List from the trailArray variable in the data property of the myList object.
  • //create a binding list out of the trailArray we just created
    var myList = window.myList = {
        data: new WinJS.Binding.List(trailArray)

In the HTML:

  • Add the Repeater constructor to the data-win-control and the object property holding your Binding List to the data-win-options.
  • <div data-win-control="WinJS.UI.Repeater" data-win-options="{data:}">
            <h2 style="display: inline-block" data-win-bind="textContent: title"></h2>
            <div class="win-small" data-win-control="WinJS.UI.Rating" data-win-bind="winControl.userRating: averageRating"></div>

Check the output, to see if the list of trails shows.

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For more methods for Binding Lists, see the MSDN documentation on Binding Lists.