Adapters: Overview

What are Adapters?

The three adapters, angular-winjs, react-winjs and knockout-winjs were created to smooth the interaction between WinJS and other frameworks. The adapters are a shim layer which facilitates usage of WinJS UI controls within the context of Angular, React or Knockout code.

Why would I use an adapter?

  1. You don't have to re-learn concepts to use them in WinJS. Adapters let you use features you already know, like Angular data-binding, Knockout observables and event listeners, or React components. With adapters, what you already know is all you need.
  2. You can seamlessly add WinJS to existing code that already uses other frameworks. No errors thrown, no refactoring required.

How do I use an adapter?

The next three sections of the tutorial outline the basics of the three WinJS adapters. The three adapters are independent and do not require each other, though all three can be used together in the same project. We assume you have basic knowledge of the framework involved.

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